Getting Started 🚀

Getting Started 🚀

Learn how to get started with Stackprint. Configure and deploy your first REST API!

Create a project

To get started with Stackprint, you first have to create an API.

  • Click Create my first API on your Stackprint Dashboard
  • Provide an APIname and unique path
  • Click Submit to create the API

Configure resources

In the next step you will see an example resource confiiguration.

The example configuration generates a basic API for managing personal notes. In the resources array a resource with the name Note is being specified. All endpoints for managing Note objects will be available under the path /notes. A JSON Schema defines the expected fields of Note objects.

To protect the REST API, the auth section includes a rule specifying that only authenticated users will be able to create, read, update and delete Note objects if they are the author.

When adapting the API configuration to your needs, the API Preview on the right will always give you a live preview of the endpoints that will be created.

  • Click Deploy to deploy the API

That's it! You have successfully deployed a REST API to manage personal notes. You're now ready to Explore Your API.