June 4, 2020

Angular and React code generation

Angular and React code generation

I'm excited to announce that it's now possible to generate client code to connect to your Stackprint API from Angular & React!

That means you won't have to write interfaces matching your Stackprint resources or build HTTP requests yourself anymore. 😎

The generated code already contains interfaces for all resources that your API manages and type-safe methods for all request that your Stackprint API supports. This is what listing notes using generated client code looks like in Angular:

{% c-block language="typescript" %}
import { NoteService, Note } from 'gen/typescript-angular-client'

export class AppComponent {
 notes: Observable<Note[]>

 constructor(private noteService: NoteService) {}

 ngOnInit() {
   this.notes = this.noteService.listNotes()
{% c-block-end %}

Client code generation for your project is available directly from your Stackprint Dashboard:

Check out these code examples on GitHub to see how generated client code works in a full app with authentication:

Angular: https://github.com/stackprint/example-notes-angular

React: https://github.com/stackprint/example-notes-react

Client code generation for more languages and frameworks will follow soon.

Happy coding! 👨‍💻

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