March 15, 2020

Public Beta available today

Public Beta available today

Today I'm proud to announce the public beta launch of Stackprint, a platform to generate REST APIs directly from your data model.

The goal of Stackprint is to greatly reduce the time you'll spend developing your next web or mobile app by generating much of the backend functionality you'll need for you.

Stackprint is for everyone who, like me, has struggled to finish personal or entrepreneurial app projects in the past and is looking for a faster and cleaner way to develop apps that doesn't compromise on security.

Stackprint encourages you to think about your data model first, all required endpoints to create, read, update and delete your data items will be generated for you just like that. You can control access to each data item based on JSON Web Tokens and will get an OpenAPI specification for the generated REST API which makes it easy to integrate with your web frontend or mobile app. As your app grows, your Stackprint backend will grow with your needs, you won't have to worry about managing servers or scaling databases yourself.

If you're interested on how to get started with Stackprint, read our Getting Started guide and don't miss our first tutorial on how to Build a web app in 15 minutes with Stackprint & Auth0.

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